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Gemini Crow celebrates Friday the 13th!!

Posted on June 14 2014




Friday, June 13th was a special day for GEMINI CROW as well for me personally. I was only 8 years old when Friday the 13th was on the big screen. Way too young, my parents would tell me. 34 years later, I not only see it for the first time, not on a TV set, but in the actual town the movie was filmed in. The theater itself is even featured in the opening scene of the movie, along with the diner in which I would have lunch at the very next day.

To make the night even better, GEMINI CROW was selling bottles of FIRST JASONS SLASHER SAUCE (our hot sauce done in partnership with Ari Lehman, who portrayed the original Jason Voorhees from Part 1. We donated 13% of all proceeds to SCARES THAT CARE. Autographed bottles are still available in our store! After all these years, Jason is giving back!


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