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Blackberry Belle Video Reviews

Posted on June 23 2014

A compilation of Blackberry Belle reviews from around the web including an amazing mention on CBS News!


In preparation for the 2013 NYC Hot Sauce Expo, High River Sauces owner, Steve Seabury appeared on CBS news in which he discussed the weekends events and spoke about some of the companies who would be appearing, including GEMINI CROW at the 1:35 mark!  An amazing thrill for us!!


A great Blackberry Belle review from Ted Barrus, the Fire Breathing Idiot! Gave Blackberry Belle a 10/10 for Flavor!


Jason Leek loves himself some Blackberry Belle!


Burnt Brian is special to the Gemini Crow Team! He was the first to review two of our earlier sauces when were little nobodies (Burn & Spicy Ketchup review below). Now that we are big nobodies, he has shared his love of Blackberry Belle with his fans! Thank you Bri!!!!


Bishop Brad is a riot! My favorite review yet! Loved Blackberry Belle and this video is just a blast to watch!!!


Bill Moore continued Blackberry Belle's streak of love around the world! We salute you!!


Claude from Canada, you & Our Lady Peace are our favorite things about Canada!!!


Burnt Brian was the first person to review our products! Here is his thoughts of love in regards to our two original sauces, BURN & IT's KETCHUP, BUT SPICY - IT's A SPICY KETCHUP (later renamed Geminiah's Fiery Catsup). Thank you BB!


Here is an interview we did with Brian Meager of Hot Sauce Daily. Check out


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